electromagnetic field simulation software / design / 2D/3D
RF Module Comsol



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    electromagnetic field simulation, design

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The RF Unit is commonly used by creative designers of RF and microwave oven products to create circuits, antennas, filters, cavities and waveguides and metamaterials. Engineers are able to compute electromagnetic field distributions, transmission, impedance and reflection Q-factors, S-parameters, and power dissipation, by accurately and quickly simulating electromagnetic wave propagation and resonant behavior. Simulator gives you the key benefits of less expensive merged having the ability to predict and evaluate bodily results which are not straight quantifiable in tests.

In comparison with standard electro-magnetic modeling, you can even lengthen your design to incorporate consequences like heat climb, architectural deformations, and liquid stream. A number of actual physical consequences could be paired consequently and together have an impact on all integrated science throughout the simulator of any electro-magnetic product.