single-element feedthrough / for electrical cables / gas-tight / liquid-tight
HPEG series Conax Technologies


  • Product applications:

    for electrical cables

  • Configuration:


  • Protection level:

    gas-tight, liquid-tight

  • Other characteristics:

    for high-pressure applications, with electrodes


Conax Technologies manufactures high pressure seals [up to 20,000 PSI(2067 Bar) at 68°F(20°C)] for electrode feedthroughs. These high pressure seals are designed for installation onto the pressure vessel wall using threaded mounting configurations only. High pressure assemblies are factory torqued, so disassembly and reassembly in the field is not recommended.

These assemblies feature body and caps constructed from high strength 316SST and a proprietary sealant. Each unit has a stepped electrode. The larger diameter electrode is on the body side. SST nuts and washers are used for nickel and stainless steel and brass is used for copper. The electrode is copper (CU), stainless steel (SS) or nickel (NI). The voltage rating is 2000VDC. All prices include a pressure test at 68°F(20°C).