Analog I O module
USB2.0, AI:8ch, AO:2ch, DIO:4ch | AIO-160802AY-USB CONTEC


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AIO160802AY-USB is an analog I/O terminal for USB 2.0 that can be connected to the USB bus.
This product has analog input (16bit, 8ch), analog output (16bit, 2ch), digital input (LVTTL x 4), digital output (LVTTL x 4).
AIO-160802AY-USB includes "C-LOGGER", a data logging software of Windows version. "C-LOGGER" is an easy-to-use yet very flexible tool specifically designed for user's data logging applications.
Users can also use the included driver library "API-USBP(WDM)" to configure the application software for Windows using the programming languages that support Win32AP functions.


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