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CANISA series Contemporary Control Systems



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    DeviceNet, CAN

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The CANISA functions as a Controller Area Network (CAN) adapter for ISA bus computers. This product supports 8-bit transfers and benefits from the additional interrupts on the expanded AT bus.

It incorporates the Philips SJA1000 CAN standalone controller chip which is widely-accepted in both automotive and industrial environments. The CANISA is backward compatible with its predecessor, the 82C200, but has more advanced features. The SJA1000 operates in either BasicCAN (11-bit identifiers) or the new mode called PeliCAN which supports the CAN 2.0B specification (29-bit identifiers). This controller chip maintains extended frame passivity while in the BasicCAN mode.

The SJA1000 is equipped with a 16 MHz clock, a larger receive buffer and better acceptance-filteringincluding the ability to extend the acceptance mask to the data field. It can operate at data rates up to 1 Mbps.

The PeliCAN mode includes this list of features: error counters with read/write access; programmable error warning limit; last error code register; error interrupt for each CAN-bus error; arbitration lost interrupt with detailed bit position; single-shot transmission (no retransmission); listen-only mode (no acknowledge, no active error flags); acceptance-filter extension (4-byte mask); and reception of "own" messages (self-reception request).

Designed with the DeviceNet physical layer, it has an optically-isolated transceiver providing reverse-voltage and short-circuit protection. Field connectors include DeviceNet 5-position open-style and DB-9.