industrial tire / for forklift trucks / 24" / 25"
ContainerMaster Continental Industrial Tires


  • Type:


  • Utilization:

    for forklift trucks

  • Rim diameter:

    24", 25", 33"

  • Other characteristics:



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better vehicle stability
less rolling resistance
better protection against damage
less tread cracks
less overall costs
With its use of the new V.ply technology, the ContainerMaster range of tires fulfills the requirements of the demanding operations of harbor vehicles perfectly.

V.ply has its origin in racing tire technology and is based on cross-ply fiber of high-resistance polymer and an innovative weaving pattern of multiple cords. The carcass of a V.ply tire consists of up to 20 layers of this high-tech material, which are arranged at specially designed angles and embedded into three wire beads. The result is an exceptionally sturdy tire construction providing lower rolling resistance, means less fuel consumption and an excellent cost-performance-ratio.

Stronger sidewalls mean less tilting, improved protection against damage and a longer service life. The kissing effect of twin tires is also eliminated because the sidewalls are less inclined to flex and hardly have any contact. Moreover, the powerful construction of the new V.ply tires improves steering on the spot and tread cracks are significantly reduced. Additionally the even wear picture contributes to better driving performance and comfort.

Continental ContainerMaster with V.ply. Don't compromise.