conveyor with adjustable slope / for materials handling / for heavy loads / monorail
400 series CONVOYNORT



  • Other characteristics:

    with adjustable slope, for materials handling, for heavy loads, monorail, for general purpose, overhead, manual, manual

  • Maximum load:

    1,000 kg (2,204.623 lb)


The 400 series is a manual monorail conveyor by Convoynort. It is available with different part hooking methods, such as trolley hoists, load bar, double truck or related trolleys.

The conveyor is equipped with an independent motor suitable for heavy load carrying, and has a small travelling bridge crane set-up. It supplies parts to be treated in a blasting machine, with a potential set-up of one, two, or four trolleys of the suspended tray conveyor for an increase in load capacity.

The 400 monorail conveyor can accommodate a hoist through an electrical supply rail, in which the hoist receives complementary motorization for horizontal movements.