Electric cable assembly
600 - 2 000 Vdc, max. 35 A Cooper Interconnect

Custom Parallel Circuit Array and Home Run (Sub-Array) harnesses provide flexibility while delivering cost savings to any large solar installation.

SUNNECTOR Parallel Circuit Array harness assemblies feature a proprietary junction system that allows multiple arrays to be connected in parallel, providing labor savings and improving connection quality by eliminating multiple adapters and double terminations. Parallel Circuit harnesses are ideal for Thin Film type modules, where low current can be electrically paralleled to optimize electrical output.

SUNNECTOR Home Run harnesses are designed for high current connection and power delivery to combiner boxes, sub-combiners, or inverters used with mono-crystalline and polycrystalline modules. Fully tested SUNNECTOR Home Run harnesses arrive terminated, bundled and spooled, replacing on-site long wire runs, bundling, attachment, and connector termination. Home Run harnesses can also be manufactured with easy-to-read identification on each leg and on spools; spools can also be labeled for proper job site placement.


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