CAD data preparation software / for 3D printing



  • Function:

    CAD data preparation

  • Applications:

    for 3D printing


With 4D_Additive, CAD data of all major 3D formats can be processed for 3D printing within the shortest space and with the optimum printing results.

Data import and repair

4D_Additive has mature interfaces for CATIA, NX, SOLIDWORKS, Creo, JT, STL, STEP, XT, Acis and many more. B-Rep Healing and direct modeling functions ensure a seamless process as well as optimal data quality of the converted and for 3D printing optimized models. They can be saved in amf, 3mf and STL format for all machine Types and manufacturing methods. The proven healing functions for CAD models automatically fill gaps and correct overlapping elements, twisted faces, and other geometry errors. In interactive mode, filter functions allow you to locate the geometry errors and fix them in seconds with the help of the clean-up functions.

The sophisticated checking, healing and repair features ensure that high-quality, "waterproof" mesh models are sent to the printer.