manual adjustable-volume pipette / single-channel / borosilicate glass
Lambda™ Plus series Corning Life Sciences



  • Type:

    manual adjustable-volume

  • Number of channels:


  • Material:

    borosilicate glass

  • Volume:

    Max.: 1 ml (0.03 fl us oz)

    Min.: 0 ml (0 fl us oz)


The Lambda Plus Pipettors are designed to provide reliability and comfort in its use. It offers a flawless plunger movement and a minimal pipetting forces. It is equipped for enduring a continuous and repetitive use and autoclaving. Its volume can be adjusted through turning the thumb wheel. It has a locking mechanism that blocks accidental volume change.

It has a changeable tip ejector. It is a UV-resistant tool that is completely autoclavable. Its quality is calibrated and authenticated to ISO 8655 standards. It is patterned to fit for all brands of pippette tips.