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Corona effect surface treatment machine / for films and sheets


  • Type:

    corona effect

  • Other characteristics:

    for films and sheets


This system combines our leadership in technology with new levels of affordability. Easy to install, easy to use, easy to thread-up.

This innovative new system has been designed specifically to meet the needs of the blown film market and includes such features as:

Double side.
Pneumatic operation for drop-through thread-up.
Swing-out electrode assemblies to make cleaning a breeze.
Fixed-width treatment for worry-free setup.
External air gap adjusters for “tool-free” calibration.
Viewing windows allow visual access to the corona discharge during operation.
Corotec’s unique Track-Free insulators to minimize cleaning requirements.
Open-frame design for very easy access.
Low cost.
We are confident that this new design will become the industry standard – after all, the design specifications of this system were set by the blown film market itself!


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