metal polishing machine / for complex parts / with rotary table / CNC
TR + CNC C.O.S.M.A.P. strl



  • Machined material:

    for metals

  • Applications:

    for complex parts

  • Other characteristics:

    with rotary table, CNC, 5-axis


A technological evolution that combines the advantages of the Rotary Index Table with the innovative and flexible multi-axis CNC polishing units.
This new solution’s goal is to reach and polish those piece’s surfaces that a common unit may find difficult to get to. The completeness and the great number of operations that may be performed by this kind of unit make it very likely to recall a robot’s movement capability.
The piece-holding spindle unit may integrate rotation movements and overturning movements that may be interpolated with polishing movements.
Each unit’s movements are managed by five controlled axes. Therefore, each station has seven controlled and interposed axes, considering the two on the table and the other five from the units.
- High production rates thanks to the Rotary Table and hidden loading/offloading times;
- CNC polishing unit flexibility, allowing to polish any kind of object, even complex-shaped ones.
- Quick and certified machine set-up, thus immediate production change;
- Programming easiness with self-learning system, with no need to learn any machine-programming language;
- CNC unit sizing variable according to the client’s needs (from CNC mini to heavy CNC).