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CNC router / 5-axis / bridge type
max. 74" Χ 148" Χ 41" | HYBRID MILL C.R. Onsrud Inc

A CNC machine tool that combines the best qualities of the CNC Router and the CNC Mill, deserves it's own unique classification. So, what's a suitable name for this group of machines? Since it's More than a mill, certainly not just a router, and doesn't fit into any existing machine categories or descriptions; the Hybrid Mill creates a class all it's own.

It would be understating the Hybrid Mill to classify it as just an Elite CNC Router. To start with, the Hybrid Mill boasts a much larger frame, wider bearing spacing, heavier components, and tighter tolerances than are found on even the most "elite" CNC Routers. Unlike Routers, the Hybrid Mill also comes fully enclosed and ready for wet, dry, mist, or MQL machining with options for flood coolant either around the tool, or through the tool. Like the Hybrid Mill, Routers boast flexible and innovative universal vacuum part holding methods, quick set-ups & tear-downs, and very attractive pricing. A Hybrid Mill also has options for t-slot tables, custom bolt patterns, or steel tables. So, it delivers the part holding flexibility as a router, but with the increased table load-bearing capability required for larger and heavier work-pieces & tooling. With up to twin 33HP spindles, twin 24 position HSK-63A dual arm rapid changers available, and a frame engineered to be large enough & rigid enough to handle it all; a Hybrid Mill far exceeds the capabilities of routers


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