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CNC router / 5-axis / multi-head / portal
max. 74" Χ 148" Χ 41" | HYBRID MILL C.R. Onsrud Inc


  • Control type:


  • Number of axes:


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A CNC Router and CNC Mill are the best qualities combined in the CNC machine tool and to set it apart should really have it's own unique classification. It's hard to define and name this group of machine's with something suitable. It's more than a mill, and it is not a simple router, and it isn't fitting existing machine categories or descriptions. It is a Hybrid Mill and is in a class that is all by itself. It is understating to classify it as an Elite CNC Router. This Hybrid Mill has a frame that is much larger, built with heavier components, a wider space bearing frame that is larger, and tolerances that are tighter. Unlike the Router, the Hybrid Mill is ready for mist, dry, wet, or MQL types of machining.


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