Plastic pallet for food use
1 200 x 800 mm, max. 5 000 kg | EURO H1 Craemer

Hygienic pallet of high quality: The first plastic pallet that has been issued with the GS mark, a safety certification symbol (GS = geprüfte Sicherheit, German for tested safety)
Certified pallet: DIN plus tested
The Fraunhofer Institute, Dortmund, confirms extreme load capacity/durability of EURO H1 plastic pallet
Hygienic pallet as best base for all standardised box systems
As part of a system, this pallet is compatible with the H2 half pallet and E-boxes
Dimensionally stable in temperatures ranging from -40 °C to +70 °C

Craemers EURO H1 is Europes number 1 hygiene pallet and has been formally recommended by the GS1. It was specifically developed for the meat industry / food industry. Since its introduction in 1993, it has become formally accepted as the standard in the European food industry. The GS1 stamp formerly EHI stamp) guarantees Europe-wide exchangeability of the EURO H1 plastic pallet.
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