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TorqueStar Opta Crane Electronics Ltd

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bench-top torque tester bench-top torque tester - TorqueStar Opta


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The TorqueStar Opta is generally considered the ideal equipment for measuring and collecting torque, angle, pulse and force data in manufacturing and quality environments. Furthermore, this device's software features can be individually specified in order to come up with a configuration that best complements the requirements (i.e. simple no-frills readout as well as comprehensive audit tools with display of torque/force curves).

This device basically functions by performing bi-directional measurement of torque, angle, force(peak only) and pulse count in track, first peak(click) and pulse measurement modes. In case necessary, the cycle time duration as well as the tool speed may be displayed. Also, the device's force is possible to be measured independently, whereas its the time/date stamped read can automatically be printed.