Counting machine and cartoner for chocolate products
max. 30 p/min Cremer speciaalmachines BV

This particular TQ model counting machine is specially designed to count rather fragile foil-wrapped cream-filling chocolate eggs. Because of the relatively small cartons the eggs are discharged into the cartons double layered. This way there is least chance of damaging the eggs. With a total of 16 eggs per carton this particular machine has an average output capacity of 30 cartons per minute.

Safety is and will also be as important as speed but, it will never stand in the way of achieving the highest possible output. The entire machine, and specifically the discharge section with lots of moving mechanical parts, is all round enclosed by transparent covers and doors fitted with all necessary safety devices. The entire machine is controlled and operated with a simple-to-use operator panel.

Although this particular machine is specifically designed to count chocolate eggs, the TQ model is able to count almost any kind of product, food and non-food.


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