Vertical counting machine and cartoner / for chocolate products
max. 30 p/min Cremer speciaalmachines BV


  • Type:


  • Applications:

    for chocolate products

  • Throughput:

    30 p/min


The request from the customer was to design a line for counting and mixing chocolate mini-bars and discharge them into a carton. Since every counting machine needed to count a small amount of products, normally 3, Cremer choose to use the TQI 4 100 counting machine. This counting machine can discharge small quantities with a speed of more than 100 discharges per minute.

All counting machines will drop the counted products in the bucket-elevator. The mixes are transported to the Cremer packing carousel were the mixes are discharges into the carton boxes.

All design and engineering were done by Cremer in-house.

Why did this company chose Cremer?
Since the products are supplied from bulk, there are no other systems which can count and mix this wide range of products accurately, especially with the weight variation in each product.

Line specifications
Counted product: foil and twist-wrapped chocolates
Line configuration: 14 counting machines (TQI 4 100)
1 bucket-elevator (prepared for 16 counting machines)
Carousel carton filling station
Line speed: Up to 100 cartons per minute with a maximum of 3 products of each flavor per carton.


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