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geometry measuring machine / for tubes / non-contact
Easygauge Crippa S.p.a.



  • Measured physical value:


  • Measured material:

    for tubes

  • Other characteristics:



The Easyguage is a flexible dimensional gauging instrument that is ideal for use in gauging contact-less profiles such as either shaped or processed tube extremities, and other elements which includes blocks, plaques, printed items, furniture, automotive, aerospace, and heating elements that can be placed on a glass support. All of the gauging and control operations of the Easygauge are performed mechanically. It has the capacity to produce a digital image of the focused item and make hundred control gauging with a precision of ±5 µm.

The gauges values are stored, and can be processed and examined to compute mechanically the main statistic values such as Cp and CpK. Once the data are made, the values are registered and can be obtained in either .ACCDB or .CSV format.

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