Depth filter cartridge / fiberglass / for water / pleated
GGD Critical Process Filtration


  • Type of filtration:


  • Material:


  • Product:

    for water

  • Other characteristics:


  • Application:

    general purpose


Service Grade Pleated Fiberglass Depth Filter Cartridges are
designed for general purpose use wherever a cost effective
pleated depth filter is required. With 99% efficiencies at the rated
pore size, GGD filters are designed to hold the maximum amount
of filter media that can be completely and effectively used, thus
lowering the cost of filtration. GGD cartridges are flushed with
high purity water to remove potential extraneous manufacturing
debris. These cartridge modules are also individually tested.
Priced below special purpose cartridges, GGD cartridges are
manufactured with the same careful attention to both quality
and performance


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