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Straight-toothed sprocket wheel / double / for chain
Cross & Morse


  • Teeth:


  • Other characteristics:

    double, for chain


The Stock Pilot Bore Sprockets are types of stock pilot bored sprockets that suit the British Standard for having chains in different forms. These include simplex, duplex, and triplex chains. These measure from 8 mm to 2"pitch. These have also satisfied the American Standard due to their chains that measure 1/4"to 1"pitch, and with different tooth sizes from 8 to 15 teeth.

The 40-teeth sprockets are specifically made of a medium-size carbon steel, which can be provided with either a chemical black or plain finish. Another are the larger sprockets that are produced using a high-grade cast iron. Lastly, the double simplex sprockets are being used for powered-roller conveyor and measure from 12 to 25 teeth, for 3/8" to 1".


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