disc coupling / flange
Crossflex series Cross & Morse

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disc coupling / flange disc coupling / flange - Crossflex series


  • Type:


  • Installation system:


  • Torque:

    Min.: 18 Nm (13.2761 ft.lb)

    Max.: 36,000 Nm (26,552.2374 ft.lb)

  • Rotational speed:

    Min.: 2,100 rpm (13,194.69 rad.min-1)

    Max.: 12,000 rpm (75,398.22 rad.min-1)


Crosse-Morse's Crossflex Disc Flexible Shaft Couplings are generally utilized for applications that involve mechanical power transmission, and operations that need minimized maintenance requirements and zero lubrication. They are also used for drives to pumps, compressors, generators, and paper-making machines that operate in restrictive environmental conditions.

The Crossflex Shaft Couplings are manufactured out of stabilized, all-steel materials. This enables the components to transmit at high torque levels, at equally high shaft speed. They feature 3 hub designs, and torque values that range from 18 Nm to 36,000 Nm.