Thrust clutch
CR/BW, CR/BV series Cross & Morse

Most types of freewheels can be used for backstop applications, but these clutches have been specially designed for this application. Mainly intended for fitting on Conveyor or Elevator headshafts their design makes easy installation on new or existing units.

CR/BW and BV Series incorporate a torque arm with slot to engage with a bolt fixed to machine frame. Units are greased for life with labyrinth seals ideal for dust laden environments. Units can be mounted on horizontal or vertical shafts, and are available with bore range 20mm to 120mm with torque capacity to 18,450 Nm.

CR/BW Series uses sprags to provide a high torque capacity, at low unit cost. Bearing support is plain metal bushes with seals selected to retain grease and exclude dust and moisture.

CR/BV Series employs roller ramp principle for extended wear life and faster operating speeds. Sealing is by shield protected labyrinth seals. Can be used for slow speed indexing.

When mounting these units it essential to ensure no axial loading occurs, and there is a minimum 0.2mm clearance around locking pin.


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