video corpo

electric order-picker / vertical / multipurpose
LP series CROWN



  • Options:

    electric, vertical, multipurpose

  • Working height:

    Max.: 2440 mm

    Min.: 1025 mm

  • Carrying capacity:



Order Picker Mid-Level LP 3500 series

You have four ways to save space, time and resources with the LP 3500 Order Picker Series. The family includes two fixed fork and two lifting fork versions, all featuring durable construction and reliable performance for loads up to 1000 kg:

The second-level order picker with fixed forks provides fast access of bulky products and packages.
The walk-on design third-level order picker includes an overhead guard, side gates and pallet cage with a sensor to help ensure the pallet is in position.
Designed for second-level order picking of small or heavy parts, this order picker features auxiliary lifting forks, which keep the load at an optimal height to reduce bending and awkward handling.
When equipped with optional fork-side controls, this third-level order picker is ideal for general purpose free-ranging applications.