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Electric order-picker / horizontal


  • Options:

    electric, horizontal

  • Carrying capacity:

    Min.: 1 kg (2.2 lb)

    Max.: 2700 kg (5952.48 lb)


The GPC 3040 / 3060 order pickers ship with a host of advantages and deliver class leading productivity. These order pickers can be matched to your specific needs and are able to overcome obstacles with their extensive and impressive list of standard features. These features are geared towards simplifying and reducing operator tasks to increase productivity.

The GPC 3060 order pickers provide a larger lift and traction motors, increased robustness and excellent battery capacity, which enables it to handle 35% more weight per hour. Developed by Crown, GPC 3040 / 3060 order pickers can jog at 12.5 km/h, and are fitted with AC motors and comprehensive system control. They also provide low cost of ownership and maintenance, making them the ideal choice for both small and large businesses.


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