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Diesel engine / turbocharged / 4-cylinder
80 - 173 hp, 217 - 580 lb-ft | B series Tier 2 Cummins Inc.


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Cummins Series B engines for Agriculture, tier 2, provide excellent output on each and every acre. Globally more than three million Cummins B Series engines are in operation, providing testimony to the fact that these engines are top performers.

The engines are available in a variety of ratings ranging from 80 to 173 hp. The mid-range engines achieve exceptional throughput, yet are very easy to maintain. Based on customers' equipments, a Cummins advisor can provide expert assistance in finding out the most suitable standard features and options.

Cummins 3-step warranty covers each and every B Series engine. Within the industry, this is one of the most complete, yet simplest warranties.


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