control pedal / electronic / single pedal / rugged
WM-526 | Electronic Floor Pedal CURTISS-WRIGHT



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    single pedal

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  • Applications:

    for vehicles


Available in kickdown and non-kickdown versions, the WM-526 (from the William's Controls product brand) Electronic Floor Pedal is designed for all commercial vehicle applications and is highly customizable.

This versatile Electronic Floor Pedal is equipped with a Hall-effect non-contact sensor that can be programmed for analog output and/or integrated switches. The electronics are IP67 sealed and highly EMI resistant (SAE J1113). In addition, the unit can be customized with contact or PWM output sensors.

The WM-526 provides a robust design with a corrosion resistant cast aluminum treadle and a coated steel base plate. The pedal is available in three treadle angles: 28.5°, 35°, and 45°. The treadle is supplied with a rubber cover for improved foot traction.