thermal transfer label printer
20 - 54 mm, 180 mm/s | KPM150H CUSTOM ENGINEERING SPA



  • Technology:

    thermal transfer

  • Resolution:



The KPM150h is a tough and minimized BTP printer for AEA CUTE and CUPPS. Cutting edge powerfull processor for printing at 200 mm/sec additionally IATA PDF 417, Datamatrix, Aztec 2d scanner tags. Distinctive gear labels widths structure 20mm to 54mm. BTP printing with AEA help for CUSS and CUPPS stages.

The printer is equipped with a ticket retention device cut as accessory, which avoids the ticket falling on the ground after print out. Additional printing driver component that gives remote visibility of paper and printer status, jams, near-end of paper and end of paper status and information on the number of tickets or prints. The software can even be set to send email alerts, making easier remote maintenance operations.