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Tickets printer / thermal transfer
20 - 54 mm, 180 mm/s | KPM 150H CUSTOM ENGINEERING SPA

KPM150H is a sturdy and compact ticket printer suitable for parking, public transport, event box offices, theme parks,
health care providers; it also prints on thermal wristband for theme parks and hospitals.

High performance BT OEM ticket printer
BTP AEA CUTE and CUPPS version for CUSS
Cortex M 150MHx processor, 32 Mb Ram + 32 Mb
Easy customization by MQX rtos
ticket width from 20mm to 54mm
1M cuts sturdy autocutter
high durability due to the robust steel internal construction
complete Suite of Sw for remote status

- Barcode printing: PDF 417, DataMatrix, Aztec 2D
- RS232 and USB interface
- Sensors: fully adjustable bottom opto sensor for any
ticket width; top-opto sensor, center hole mark
- Fonts: TrueTypeFont support, any language available
- Self-installing Driver for Win2000/XP/Vista/7



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