DPSS laser / green / power
532 nm | 85 GHS Series CVI Melles Griot


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The 85 GHS series was developed for use in retinal photocoagulation, scanning, display, and metrology applications with a thermal load as low as 10W. Wavelenghts in single longitudinal mode of 457nm, 488nm, 532nm, and 561nm.

It's rugged build is sturdy and capable of delivering high output with up to 3W of power, while consuming as little as 15W of power.

It's compact design comes hermetically sealed in an air-cooled package, requiring very little maintenance, while delivering long-term reliability.

Power feedback operates with constant current or automatic power control with power stability as low as ± 2%.

Developed to be IEC, CE, CDRH, and TUV compliant.


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