non-contact profilometer
315 x 315 mm | CT 300 Cyber Technologies

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non-contact profilometer non-contact profilometer - 315 x 315 mm | CT 300


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Large 315 mm x 315 mm scanning area
Fast, precise and accurate measurement on small and large samples
User friendly concept
Sophisticated analysis and automation software

The CT 300 is a non-contact profilometer with a 315 mm x-, y-motion system. It can handle up 12 wafers or other large substrates and parts. It is ideal for measuring flatness with sub-micron accuracy over the complete 315 mm travel. Using a chromatic white light sensor and a data collection rate of up to 4 kHz the inspection time is minimized. The sensors are available with a resolution down to 3 nm and a measurement range up to 25 mm. With our multi-sensor technology several sensor heads can be mounted simultaneously including infrared interferometers for measureing wafer thickness.