Bag dust collector / pulse-jet backflow
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    pulse-jet backflow


Automated Cyclonaire C&C Dust Reclaim Systems capture nuisance product dust from silo-filling operations and automatically return it directly to the source silo or another destination - preserving air quality and conserving material. Units work together with your rail or truck unload system and can be used to recycle dust from all kinds of dry solids, including highly abrasive materials. Each unit mates an efficient Pulse Jet Dust Collector with a rugged, gravity fed CycloLok® Dense Phase pneumatic conveyor. C&C Systems come standard with onboard controls for automatic operation. For worker safety and convenience, C&C Systems offer servicing from ground-level and easy filter access.

Features and Benefits

* Pulse jet cleaning mechanism
* Dense Phase CycloLok Conveyor
* Hinged door for easy filter access
* Synchronized pulse jet cleaning for peak performance
* Standard:
o 16 oz. polyester bags
o 12-wire galvanized bag cages
o PLC controls with audio/visual alarms
o Dirty air plenum with 60° material hopper
o High-level sensor in hopper
o Welded and bolted 10-gauge carbon steel construction
o 6-inch diameter tubing inlet stubs or attachment to silo vent tubing


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