Continuous pneumatic conveying system / dense phase / aspiration
5 - 50 t/h | C series Cyclonaire


  • Type:

    continuous, dense phase, aspiration


The C-Series is a vacuum loaded semi-dense phase conveyor with a capacity of 5-50+ TPH. It is best suited for powdered, granular or pellet abrasive materials that are friable.

Medium pressure blower air is used to venturi-vacuum load and convey material at intermediate line velocities and material-to-air ratios for less abrasive wear and particle degradation.

The unit is capable of multiple applications, from bulk carrier, IBC and bulk bag unloading to in-plant transfer. With optional load cells, the C-Series can also weigh and batch multiple materials with inventory control.

The total 15 PSIG output of the blower is used in the convey mode for maximum efficiency. During vacuum loading the blower air is automatically routed through a proprietary venturi to induce a deep vacuum.


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