Gas leak detector / ultrasonic / with LED display / for hatch covers
Cygnus Hatch Sure Cygnus Instruments Ltd


  • Detected fluid / gas:


  • Technology:


  • Display:

    with LED display

  • Applications:

    for hatch covers, for cargo inspection


The 006-1001 by Cygnus Instruments is a Leak detector designed for tightness testing. This is the suitable tool for evaluating hatch seal which is the common problem to cargo that creates expensive damages in the vessel. The equipment is powered using a battery and it can transmits 19 ultrasound emitters (40 kHz). It comes with an emitter which enables it to produce an omni-directional sound field which is uniformly distributed throughout the cargo hold. Its receiver then displays sound energy level which looks for gaps so that it can be immediately sealed. For this specific unit, it only weighs for about 3.8 kg and it is just portable. Plus, it is compatible to aircraft digital calibration controls having a sound that are in level of decibels.


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