video corpo

rotary arm stretch wrapper / semi-automatic / film / pallet
CTA 400 Cyklop



  • Type:

    rotary arm

  • Operating mode:


  • Product applications:

    film, pallet

  • Other characteristics:

    stretch film

  • Width:

    2,397 mm

  • Length:

    3,573 mm


with AFD for the automatic detection of the film thickness and adaptive adjustment

The CTA 400 is an extremely robust rotary arm wrapping machine, developed with a well-proven technology. Due to extensive possibilities and a variety of settings these stretch wrapping models offer a high profitability through optimal adaptation for every requirement. These characteristics guarantee an optimal transport protection and a reduction in materials costs due to a lower consumption of stretch film.


Simple operation and a variety of possible settings
Film exchange fast and simple
Automatic height adjustment
Automatic film tensioning control for a consistent package wrapping
Air pressure not required


All functions can be manually adjusted
Some standard programmes such as “water resistant” are available
9 programmes with individual parameters are programmable
High flexibility due to a variety of options
Unlimited load weight

Reliable and efficient

Adjustable pre-stretch up to 400% with the system: Low film consumption, pallet for pallet– due to constant pre-selection stretching
Extremely robust and stable chassis
Quiet operation
Parameter control per display: i. e. stretch film consumption, stretch film consumption of the last pallet, stretch film costs per pallet