pneumatic conveyor / vibrating / vertical
VIBRALIFT CYRUS GmbH Schwingtechnik



  • Technology:

    pneumatic, vibrating


Vibralift is a material handling system using directed, vertical vibrations to convey the media upwards in a closed shaft. The lifting shaft does not contain any moving parts requiring regular maintenance or replacement. Furthermore, the Vibralift makes it possible to convey products with temperatures up to 350° C (e.g. sand in a melting shop). Lifting height

Compact design
No revolving parts (goods conveyed by vibration)
Dust-proof design
High wear-resistance
High conveying capacity up to 13 m³/ h, depending on size
Alternative option to spiral, Z-conveyor and bucket elevator
Low operating costs
High operational reliability
Long service life
Good value for money
No extra costs for dust guard
Small footprint
Handles hot materials of up to 350° C
Technical specs
Dimensions: width / conveying capacities
200 mm/ 2.5 m3/h, 300 mm/ 3.5 m3/h,
400 mm/ 5.0 m3/h, 500 mm/ 6.5 m3/h,
600 mm/ 7.5 m3/h, 700 mm/ 8.5 m3/h,
800 mm/10.0 m3/h, 1.000 mm/13.0 m3/h
Conveying height from 1.500 mm to 4.500 mm
Drives: 2 unbalance motors
Drive positions: top or bottom
Materials handled: grainy, up to 15 mm, pourable and dry
Handles hot materials of up to 350 C
Continuous conveying, vertical conveying
In the industry:
feed, foundry, pharmaceuticals / chemicals,
steel mills, stone /sand/ gravel