disc vibratory crusher / horizontal / miscellaneous waste / for foundry sand regeneration
CYRUS GmbH Schwingtechnik



  • Technology:


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  • Material:

    miscellaneous waste

  • Other characteristics:

    for foundry sand regeneration

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Vibratory crushers are vibrating systems using a vibration drive to
separate sand lumps from the iron parts in a batch and, at the
same time, crush the sand lumps into particle-size sand and convey
it. Depending on the model iron parts can only be discharged
automatically by a drive pole reversal. The quantities and temperatures of the loaded material determine crusher design. If space is
restricted the crusher can be fitted with a higher sand discharge.
For special applications we also supply combined vibratory
crushers comprising shake-out grid, lump crusher and Vibralift
– all of them actuated with one drive.

High wear-resistance
Designed for foundries
Reduced height
Crusher and shake-out grid (combined)
Elevated sand discharge
Separate sand and castings discharge
Low operating costs
Small footprint
High operational reliability
Long service life
Good value for money
Proven technology
Technical specs
Shake-out grids measure up to 10 m²
Load bearing capacity of grids / screens up to 15 t
depending on design
Single or combined devices
Including lifting shaft (Vibralift)
According to overall size up to 30 t/h regenerant capacity
Separation of castings and sand / overflow
Lump crushing/ waste sand recycling