CYRUS Vibration


This separator screen control “electronic gear box” recently developed by Messrs. Cyrus allows you to optimise the separation of castings and sand after the moulding line. Here emphasis was placed on utmost flexibility for casting/ sand separation as well as on the gentle transport of cast parts.
This is achieved by invariably adapting both the oscillation angle and the drive frequency to the relevant products. The data generated by the moulding line (casting 1-8) is used here to call up the relevant program parameters in the electronic gear box.
This means maxiumum productivity is achieved for your line.

Operating Principle:

Two Cyrus exciters are driven by 2 standard three-phase motors 6pol /1000 min1 with frequency regulation. Thanks to the special control (electronic gear box) RPM as well as the phase shift between the two motors can be adjusted in such a way that the angle of the oscillations introduced and the acceleration applied can be invariably adjusted now.


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