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MAS 403 BT | TOPRUN - PFS D'Andrea


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D-Andrea's MAS 403 BT is part of the company's Toprun PFS Series of toolholders that can be balanced. Models of the product line are integrated with 2 counterweights in the graduate grooves. These counterweights are to be oriented via the indications provided by the electronic balancing units. The systems also showcase tie-rods and tools, compliant with international ISO 1940/1 standards. They also sport enhanced levels of accuracy and surface finishes. For machining applications of up to 8,000 rpm, the apparatuses must be oriented at 0° and at 180°.

The MAS 403 BT toolhandlers are designed and manufactured for allocation of their body masses, in order for them to rotate without creating centrifugal forces above a fixed limit.


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