temperature data-logger / relative humidity / barometric pressure / air flow



  • Measured quantity:

    temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure, air flow, vibration, weight

  • Connector type:

    USB, RS-232C

  • Display:

    with LCD graphic display

  • Other characteristics:

    compact, multi-channel, multifunction, portable, environmental

  • Memory capacity:

    10,000 unit


Now you can precisely capture low-velocity air flows of 0 to 1.00 m/s – together with temperature, humidity, barometric pressure and even vibration all at the same time, using nothing more than this single, portable and easy-to-mount device.

Here are some example applications. Firstly, the AD-1641 is ideally suited to constantly monitor the wind speed of a containment enclosure, fume hood, etc. It can alarm by buzzer if the selected environmental value (e.g. air flow) has fallen outside the set upper and lower limits, a feature useful for ensuring the safety of containment systems.

Secondly, the AD-1641 is a perfect device to manage the environmental conditions to install high-sensitivity weighing instruments, notably microbalances. When connected to an A&D balance/scale, it can also save mass values sent from the balance/scale while simultaneously logging the five kinds of environmental data for later analysis and documentation.

Thirdly, the AD-1641 can be used to create and/or study environments for nurturing delicate animals (e.g. laboratory mice) or plants (e.g. vegetation in greenhouses). Lastly, it fits the general purpose of controlling and reporting ambient conditions in laboratories, workshops, industrial processes, etc.

The AD-1641 can store up to 10,000 sets of environmental and weighing data with dates and times. No special software is required to save the logged data to a PC. The data, stored in CSV format, can be opened using common spreadsheet software. Alternatively, the AD-1641 can transfer environmental data (with or without weighing data) to a PC in real time instead of logging it on the device itself.