weight data-logger / USB / RS-232C / with LCD display



  • Measured quantity:


  • Connector type:

    USB, RS-232C

  • Display:

    with LCD display

  • Other characteristics:

    with connector, compact, portable

  • Memory capacity:

    5,000 unit


AD-1688 Weighing Data Logger

How do you record your weighing data when no computer or printer is permitted near the balance? If you say you write them down on a piece of paper, try A&Ds weighing data logger, the AD-1688.

Dual interface RS-232C & USB

Simply connect the AD-1688 to any balance or scale with an RS-232C interface manufactured by A&D, and you can save up to 5,000 weighing results, which include the date and time thanks to its internal clock. You can retrieve the saved data later by inserting the AD-1688 to a USB port of your computer. (No driver software is necessary.) The data is stored in CSV format, so you can easily view them using software such as Microsoft Excel.

Highly portable

The size is 55 × 103 × 16.5 mm, and the weight is 60 g. Take a look at your hand, and imagine it on your palm. Isnt it small and light enough to carry around in your pocket? Moreover, the AD-1688 becomes IP65 dust and waterproof with its casing cover on. No worries even if you dropped it in water accidentally.

No battery required

Forget about replacing batteries. Since power is supplied to the AD-1688 from the weighing instrument or the computer, no special power source is required.

Interval mode

The AD-1688 also works effectively when you want to monitor a substance whose weight varies with time. Its interval mode lets you store weighing data at an interval you set.


The AD-1688 is a breakthrough device that will relieve you of troublesome and often error-prone handwriting to record weighing results. It is useful in places such as clean rooms, outdoors, and factories.

Please be sure to also check our demonstration video of the AD-1688.