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GCO-23 Daheng New Epoch Technology,Inc(CDHC)

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The series of telecentic system is developed by using a pair of base lenses to achieve telecenticity required on object and image plane. The combined telecentric lens system with an aperture stop located at the common focus of the front and back lens,resulting in the chief ray being parallel to the optical axis in both object and image space. Both the entrance and exit pupil are at infinity. A constant perspective or viewing angle and a constant magnification can thereof be achieved in the cases when the object and image surface are tilted with respect to the optical axis or the lens is defocused on either object surface or image surface. Another feature is the large depth of focus, up to several millimeters, which is extremely useful in inspection applications. C/T-mount adapters(GCO-230101~231206)are offered for coupling to CCD cameras.