liquid level gauge / visual / direct-reading / flange
ULB-S series Dandong Top Electronics Instrument (Group) Co.,Ltd



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    flange, stainless steel, for water reservoir management


The double color display of ULB-S double color glass plate level gauge is based on reflection and refraction characters of light in different mediums. Via color filter, the characters presents a certain color. When there is liquid inside, the color will be green (or natural color). When there is gas, the color will be red. So, the gauge has double-color indication and the interface of the liquid and gas is very clear.
Range (the distance between the flanges’ center L): 500mm, 800mm, 1100mm, 1400mm, 1700mm or on request;
Visual range: H=L-260;
Nominal pressure: ≤4.0MPa;
Operating temperature: -20。C ~+ 250。C;
Needle valve automatically close pressure: ≥ 0.3MPa;
Wetted material: 20, 304, 316 or on request;
Non- wetted material: carbon steel;
Heating steam jacket joints: R3/8 (outside thread) or on request;
Heating steam pressure: ≤1.0MPa;
Flange: HG/T20592-2009, HG/T20615-2009 or on request;