Coriolis flow transmitter / mass / for liquids / for the food industry
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  • Technology:

    Coriolis, mass

  • Applications:

    for liquids

  • Other characteristics:

    for the food industry, stationary, with LCD screen


FT-522 Transmitter

1 Overview

FT522 flow signal transmitter is used with MTCMF coriolis mass flow meter sensor, which has sensor vibrating tube deriver, phase signal detection, flow rate operation display, flow integrating, signal remote transmitting and other functions.

2 Main Parameters

Display: 128x64 LCD display, Window size: 54x40mm (WxH) Φ80mm
Display Accuracy: 0.02%
Ambient Temperature: -20~+60℃
Output Signal:0~10000Hz pulse frequency signal; 4~20mA Current signal
Accuracy: Pulse signal 0.05% Current signal 0.2%
Power Supply:18~36VDC power≥7W 85~265VAC power: 10W
Protection: IP67
Ex-proof: Ex d [ia]ⅡCT6Gb
Dimension: Φ125×180mm
GW: 2.7kg

3.Main Features

 Unchallengeable performance on liquid mass flow, volume flow, and density measurement
 Unique design delivers unparalleled measurement sensitivity and stability
 Guarantees consistent, reliable performance over the widest flow range
 Designed to minimize process, mounting, and environmental effect

4. Application

The mass flow meter can be used in the following fields to meet the requirements of ingredient, mixing processes and commercial measurement.
 Chemical
 Petroleum
 Lipids
 Pharmaceutical
 Painting
 Paper making
 Textile printing and dyeing
 Fuel
 Food
 Transportation
 Low temperature fluid
 High temperature fluid
 High pressure fluid