displacer level transmitter / for liquids / for storage tanks
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    for liquids

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    for storage tanks


ZTD-G displacer level transmitter is specifically developed to be used in production process regulation in different kinds of industries such as in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electrical power and light industrial products industries.

Power supply: 12~30V DC; the controller has reverse polarity protection.
Output signal: 4~20 mA DC (Positive direction the increase of level, interface, or density make output increase; Negative direction the increase of level, interface, or density make output decrease.)
Measuring range: 300mm2500mm (can also over range)
Nominal pressure: ≤42.0MPa
Ambient temperature: -40 ºC to +80 ºC
Operating temperature: 70ºC to +400ºC
Measuring accuracy: 0.5%
Influence from power supply: When the voltage of the power supply varies between min. and max. ,the output change is within ±0.2%. of the full scale.
LCD display: Output current signal、process variable、process temperature、percentage range、rotation angle of torque tube.
Medium density difference: ≥0.08g/cm³
Material of torque tube: Standard configuration Inconel 600,or Monel, HasetlloyC-276
Wetted material: 304、316L or as customers request
Power entry: Two M20×1.5 (female) or as customers request
Ex ia C T5 Gb(Ⅱ-40≤Tamb≤80)Ui=30Vdc;Ii=93mA;Pi=0.7W;Ci=0nF;Li=22℃℃μh
Ex d C T5ⅡT6 Gb T5:-40≤Tamb≤80;T6:℃℃-40≤Tamb≤60℃℃
Ex ia C T5 Gb(Ⅱ-40≤Tamb≤80)℃℃ ; Ui=30Vdc;Ii=93mA;Pi=0.7W;Ci=0nF;Li=22μH
Ex d C T5ⅡT6 Gb T5:-40≤Tamb≤80;T6:℃℃-40≤Tamb≤60℃℃
Ex ia IIC T5 (Tamb<80℃);T6 (Tamb<60℃);Ui=30Vdc ;Ii=93mA; Pi=0.7W ;Ci=0nF ;Li=22μH;
Ex d IIC T5 T5:-40≤Tamb≤80;T6:℃℃-40≤Tamb≤60℃℃
Protection grade: IP66