external cylindrical grinding machine / high-productivity



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    external cylindrical

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High precision grinding machines CG and PG for external diameter and face grinding

The compact design with small footprint combined with its high rigidity; make the CG the perfect grinding machine to work in the most exigent industrial and production environments. A robust and reliable grinding machine, the capacity to hold a grinding wheel of up to 760 mm in diameter; make this model the most attractive to those customers making high production series.

The cylindrical grinding machine has as well flexibility to adequate more than one wheel, with the possibility to work with both internal and external grinding spindles.

In order to fit to the customers’ requirements, an automatic loading system can be easily incorporated, in the way of different technologies like robot, external or integrated gantry and custom made manipulation systems.

For customers requiring the grinding of bigger parts, the PG model offers a production solution that can accommodate parts of up to 1000 mm length and wheels of max. 910 mm in diameter.