pulsed laser / continuous / solid-state / green
RayPower Dantec Dynamics A/S



  • Operational mode:

    pulsed, continuous

  • Technology :


  • Spectrum:


  • Applications:

    instrumentation, laboratory

  • Wavelength:

    0 nm

  • Power:

    0 W


With the introduction of the new low cost RayPower Lasers, the cost of TR-PIV systems is comparable to classic PIV systems using low repetition rate pulse lasers.

For flow visualization and TR-PIV measurements in low velocity flows, the RayPower Laser can be operated in a continuous mode.

For higher speeds or stroboscopic applications, the RayPower Laser can be pulsed and synchronized with high speed cameras using a computer controlled timing box and Dynamic Studio software.

The measurement area depends on several factors including: laser power, seeding, camera sensitivity, as well as the flow velocity.