machine vision camera / visible / HD / sCMOS
SpeedSense VEO series Dantec Dynamics A/S



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    machine vision

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High-speed high-resolution imaging can reveal events and phenomena that are critical for the understanding of important scientific processes.

As such, the always-improving capabilities of high-speed cameras are an important part of Dantec Dynamics’ solutions for imaging applications.
To meet high speed imaging requirements, a series of new cameras are now introduced. All scientific cameras that can freeze time in thousands of frames per second. The SpeedSense VEO-series are updated and better performing cameras replacing the SpeedSense x11/x41-series that are discontinued together with the SpeedSense Lab 140 camera.
To meet high resolution imaging requirements, the new FlowSense CM 12M-70 is introduced – a 12 Mega Pixel CMOS-based camera that delivers very high resolution images at a high frame rate – which makes it suitable for applications that demand both a high temporal and spatial resolution.
New is also the HiSense Zyla USB camera. Based on the sCMOS technology, the HiSense Zyla series has been specifically engineered to exploit the full potential of this sensor technology to achieve the best possible performance, image quality and long term reliability. With USB interface – at the expense of a little lower maximum frame rate – a cost effective solution is now available as no frame grabber is needed for this model.
All new cameras are of course enabled in the latest version of Dantec Dynamics’ imaging software platform – DynamicStudio.