warehouse management (WMS) software / data management / data collection / process



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    warehouse management (WMS), data management, data collection

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Big Data is everywhere today: in constant streams of data flowing from networked machines, in data warehouses, in legacy apps and mainframes, and on the Web itself....Harnessing and interpreting this information can provide important business insights that will improve the customer experience. The first challenge in extracting value from Big Data is getting it into a repository where it can be exploited without impacting existing operations.
CloudView helps enterprises with:

capturing data (for example, simple location data or more complex information),
aggregating that information across a data network, and
acting on that information (taking immediate action or collecting data over time to design process improvements).

CloudView integrates seamlessly with technologies to enable clients to structure content from the inside out, bringing critical new accessibility to machine data. Among a large set of connectors that extend CloudView's Web data collection capabilities are those specialized in social media, making it easy to capture and share relevant information from sources such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Organizations across all industries are leveraging CloudView to overcome technical and financial hurdles to deliver operational reporting and analytics solutions that are simple to use and massively scalable at a low cost.