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Non-ferrous material milling cutter / high helix / 2-flute / ball nose
ø 1/4 - 1" | ARF-BN series Data Flute CNC


  • Treated material:

    for non-ferrous materials

  • Geometry:

    high helix, 2-flute, ball nose

  • Form:


  • Other characteristics:



The ARF-BN combines the proven geometry of our ARF two flute series with a precision ground, full, ball-nose radius. The high helix and high clearance angles provide a freer cutting ball with superior shearing properties. The ball nose is also ground with a vibration protection margin. When your non-ferrous applications require contour or 3-D work, the ARF-BN should be your tool of choice.

Contour Milling
High Helix
High Performance Carbide
H6 Tolerance


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