inductive proximity sensor / cylindrical / rectangular / harsh environments
Datalogic Automation



  • Technology:


  • Shape:

    cylindrical, rectangular

  • Protection level:

    harsh environments, IP67

  • Applications:

    for food industry applications

  • Measuring range:

    Min.: 2 mm

    Max.: 8 mm


Functions mainly in industries like automatic machines, packaging lines, transportation lines, automatic warehouses, and automotive processing, this inductive sensor of magnetic orientation serves as a metal-detecting device with high and accurate ability to recognize metal objects at a tolerable distance from 2 to 8 mm. Its standard length provides universal usage in the automation field. It is of stainless steel housing with PTFE of Teflon structure which provides resistance to vitreous materials produced by welding functions. It comprises of three wires, PNP and NO transistors and M12 connector with IP67 protection compliance. Datalogic Automation technology also provides other structural designs in standard cylinder and rectangular layout and schemes.